Franchisor demands for more, more, more should be used as fuel

February 3, 2011

It’s a sickness: to expect infinity in a finite life.

Choose your family: Use their pathology and energy to change and grow as a person.

Not become a zombie franchisee.



All addictions (even +ve ones) are bad, CG Jung

January 24, 2011

Coffee is my single discretionary one.

[Click image to see action.]

I need to drop it like I dropped tobacco, after +30 years.

May my last addiction be to turning over rocks so others can squish what slithers out.

[Nerd in Love]

Franchisors are masters at piling it on

January 18, 2011

BlackBerry Addicts: Turn it off, listen and do what your smartest peers in the system are doing.

Before it’s too late.

No shit.


The American Dream diced into $5 money-losing toasted sandwiches

December 15, 2010

This ad invokes it all: total magical thinking.

Those gullible enough not to be repulsed will nibble.

[Blue MauMau]

Even a bad life is addictive

December 11, 2010

Are you happy?

I thought so.


Franchisee zombies: born, made or self-made?

November 28, 2010

Blind obedience, standardization, duplication and monotony all fueled by the illusion that action means movement.

Cults are very good at turning intelligent, compassionate and engaged highly-functioning people into uni-dimensional zombies. How this is done is perfectly consistent with other total environments.

Surrendering your free will and human rights is incompatible with a life.

It means embracing a zombie death.

This is a rule only for those creatures that are aware that one day they will physically die.


Gaza as a metaphor for the franchise industry

November 27, 2010

Am I wrong?

In the beginning…

…war looks and feels like love. But unlike love it gives nothing in return but an ever-deepening dependence, like all narcotics, on the road to self-destruction. It does not affirm but places upon us greater and greater demands. it destroys the outside world until it is hard ot live outside war’s grip. It takes a higher and higher dose to achieve any thrill. Finally, one ingests wareonly to remain numb. The world outside war becomes, as Freud wrote, “uncanny.” The familiar becomes strangely unfamiliar – many who have been in war find this when they return home. The world we once understood and longed to return to stands before us as alien, strange, and beyond our grasp. p. 163

And the hangover?

When the mask of war slips away and the rot and corruption is exposed, when the addiction turns sour and rank, when the myth is exposed as a fraud, we feel soiled and spent. It is then that we sink into despair, a despair that can lead us to welcome death. This despair is more common than many expect.

In the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, almost a third of all Israeli causalities were due to psychiatric causes, and the war lasted only a few weeks. A World War II study determined that after sixty days of continuous combat, 98 percent of all surviving soldiers will have become psychiatric casualties. They found that a common trait among the 2 percent who were able to endure sustained combat was a predispostion toward “aggressive psychopathic personalities.” p. 164

War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, Chris Hedges

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