I pray that the parents of franchise bar lawyers can forgive their brats for squandering their lives trading in franchisee deceit.

November 9, 2019

Is there a special place in hell for those that prey on the most vulnerable?

Which shareholder enables the franchisee class-action game?

June 29, 2017

The informal franchisee leaders. The organizers. The “white knights”.

When the class-action fraud sausage explodes, You can’t really blame the lawyers for pandering to your lack of wholeness, wisdom, and confidence.

Can you?

Everybody needs friends

August 16, 2010

Les Stewart needs them, when the road turns.

You’ve Got to Have Friends, Bette MIdler

And I am all alone
There is no one here beside me
And my problems have all gone
There is no one to deride me

But you got to have friends
The feeling’s oh so strong
You go to have friends
To make that day last long
I had some friends but they’re gone
Someone came and took them away
And from the dusk till the dawn
Here is where I’ll stay

Standing at the end of the road, boys
Waiting for my new friends to come
I don’t care if I’m hungry or bored
I’m gonna get me some of them

Cause you got to have friends
La la la la la la la la la
Friends, that’s right,
Oh you, yeah you, I said
You got to have some friends
Something about friends
That’s right friends
Friends, friends, friends

I had some friends oh but they’re all gone, gone
Someone came and snatched them away
And from the dusk until the very dawn
You know here is where I gotta stay
Here is where I gotta stay
And I’m standing at the end of a real long road
And I’m waiting for my new friends to come
I don’t care if I’m hungry or freezing cold
I’m gonna get me some of them

Cause you got to have friends
That’s right friends
Friends,….I gotta be mine, I gotta be mine
I gotta see all of my friends, friends
Friends, friends, friends

For my friend from Brantford

July 30, 2010

The Band was a band’s band.

Their music instructor was their keyboardist Garth Hudson.

The Last Waltz, 1976

Franchising, race and religion are often linked

May 21, 2010

It is much easier to degrade someone who is different from you.

Franchisees sense this degradation because class are not so vehemently denied in their country of origin.

Impertinent franchisees must learn to keep in their rightful place.

America as a Christian Nation, America as a White Nation, Racism & White Supremacy in American Christianity, Austin Cline

Exit interviews prevent franchise management corruption

May 9, 2010

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Good companies acknowledge this human tendency and act to protect their shareholders’ value.

Exit interviews with leaving employees prevents and uncovers manager-initiated risky behavior such as bullying, harassment and corruption.

Franchise systems are very vulnerable to corruption by low- and middle-management because of there is no natural organizational corruption counter-weight.

Brilliant systems would conduct these interviews in co-operation with their Attorneyless Franchisee Network.

Rampant management incompetence, bribes and kickbacks. When managers can favor one franchisee over another, have absolute discretion with zero franchisee appeal mechanisms, cash always changes hands. Always.

  • What is the going rate for shifting an account from one franchisee to another?
  • A whole block of business?
  • 10%, 20% cash upfront? vacations? gifts?

A consequence for silencing all franchisees is a flourishing management black market for “favours asked, favours given“.

Barfblog: Good reading for everyone that eats

January 15, 2010

Also, Barfblog should be required reading for those involved with the restaurant or food franchising sectors.

Dr. Doug Powell, CV and his friends at Kansas State University provide an entertaining and extremely usefuld service as they comment on various food safety issues.

His Yuck factor category is great fun.

Powell must be good: he’s a transplanted Canadian and I saw on The Dr. Oz Show!!

Today’s tip: make sure you use a digital thermometer and cook chicken to an internal temperature of at least 165 (F).

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