Franchise investment safety: more valid data, less talking heads please

October 23, 2010

Franchisees’ life savings seem to be less as important than a head of lettuce.

Barfblog reports that Dole Food Company is using software to track produce from “farm to folk”.

No government collects franchise investor data in a manner that helps capital be allocated efficiently. This failure in basic census-type activity enables industry talking heads to float such “whoppers” as a “22% growth in since 2008“.

Mom-and-pop life savings is a serious business.

Less value than a head of lettuce.

Barfblog: Good reading for everyone that eats

January 15, 2010

Also, Barfblog should be required reading for those involved with the restaurant or food franchising sectors.

Dr. Doug Powell, CV and his friends at Kansas State University provide an entertaining and extremely usefuld service as they comment on various food safety issues.

His Yuck factor category is great fun.

Powell must be good: he’s a transplanted Canadian and I saw on The Dr. Oz Show!!

Today’s tip: make sure you use a digital thermometer and cook chicken to an internal temperature of at least 165 (F).

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