$50,000 franchisee award: mental distress caused by the franchisor’s bad faith dealings

November 19, 2010

A recent Ontario appeal court decision is very important for every Canadian franchisee.

On September 16, 2010 the Ontario Appeal Court confirmed a $50,000 award for mental distress.

First time ever. Read it here:

Suddenly the economics of pleading good faith has tipped significantly in franchisees’ favour, not just in Ontario but beyond Canada as well..

Some systems have 50, 100 or 1,000 franchisees.

You do the math of the aggregate value of a group or class action lawsuit.

You still need protection against choosing the wrong attorney but great news this fall.

Kudos: First franchisee call-out on internet:

Jeff Lefler, National Bread Network, October 21, 2010

[full chronology on Blue MauMau]

Once upon a time at Canada Bread…

November 13, 2010

…employees and then franchisees had dignity.

They had dignity because, first, senior management was truthful to them.

To bullshit or lie to someone, to attack their families means that they have no respect for you.

  1. Senior managers come ::  Senior managers go.
  2. Owners come :: Owners go.

Smart breadmen and women protect their families by sticking together.

The deliver…they deliver the human trash back to where it came from: Bay Street. This is best done professionally, methodically, coolly in the only language they understand ($ and the law). Or it can be done in the alley. Either way, it’s happening. Right now, a cross all docks. The Rule of Law or Violence.

Show your children and your children’s children how people of dignity deal with garbage.

Wake up: take this decision to your kitchen table. Protect your equity.

Choose a future for your family.

Lapdog, Watchdog & Network franchisee groups

August 24, 2010

Once a franchisee figures out he can’t do it on his own, they have 3 choices (2 are born losers):

  1. Advisory Councils: Financed and lead by franchisor. Illusion of meaningful input.
  2. Independent Franchisee Association: Financed by franchisees but lead by attorney. Short-term. Born to fail because of information and economic imbalances.
  3. Attorneyless Franchisee Network: Financed and lead by franchisees. Long term, digitally based, information needs subcontracted via several sources. Start with weblog. Example.

— see also Attorneyless Franchisee Networks: The next Evolutionary step in franchisee advocacy

Image thanks to davidarmano.com

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