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November 22, 2017

Who dislikes my involvement more: the franchisor, franchisee leadership or the franchisee lawyers?

The Canada Bread class action was valued at $350-million.

Gag orders create filthy “settlements”.


Once upon a time at Canada Bread…

November 13, 2010

…employees and then franchisees had dignity.

They had dignity because, first, senior management was truthful to them.

To bullshit or lie to someone, to attack their families means that they have no respect for you.

  1. Senior managers come ::  Senior managers go.
  2. Owners come :: Owners go.

Smart breadmen and women protect their families by sticking together.

The deliver…they deliver the human trash back to where it came from: Bay Street. This is best done professionally, methodically, coolly in the only language they understand ($ and the law). Or it can be done in the alley. Either way, it’s happening. Right now, a cross all docks. The Rule of Law or Violence.

Show your children and your children’s children how people of dignity deal with garbage.

Wake up: take this decision to your kitchen table. Protect your equity.

Choose a future for your family.

The Apprenticeship of Les Stewart

May 17, 2008

It takes a special background to be effective in dealing with complex ,modern corporations.franchising

Some background:

  • Franchise Industry in Ontario (Canada): franchisee families 40,000 (76,000), employees 400,000 to 600,000 (760,000 to 1,140,000), investments $2 to 8 billion ($3.8 to 15.2 billion), and annual sales $45 to 50 billion ($90 billion), Source
  • born on RCAF Station Senneterre, QC, 1959,
  • school: Cedarview and Forest Hill in Midhurst, St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s and North Collegiate in Barrie (Grade 13: 1978),
  • twice a franchisee (Arjay Painting and Nutri-Lawn, Midhurst, ON),
  • a franchisee’s crew Barrie and 1st assistant manager, Orillia 3254, McDonald’s Canada (B.O.C., Silver Hat, & AAA, 1972-80),
  • general BA, 1983, Western University and MBA, 1987, Ivey Business School, London, ON,
  • Medical audit coordinator, St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital, St. Thomas, ON (1987, provincial psychiatric hospital),
  • Budget analyst, Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, (acute care regional teaching hospital, 3,500 FTEs, 1988-92),
  • founded the Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators, CAFO, Canada’s 1st national franchisee association, Midhurst, ON 1998-present,
  • SLAPP 1.0: sued to silence: Nutri-Lawn‘s then owner, The Franchise Company (FirstService Corporation),
  • SLAPP 2.0 sued for faxing 150 U.S. Tupperware distributors a website invitation and Toronto Star article while representing 7 former CDN Tupperware distributors, (Tupperware Canada Inc.), TupperWarsSLAPP,
  • took my franchised lawn care business independent in 1998 (Lawn Depot),
  • represented myself at an injunction hearing, franchisor unsuccessfully sought to enforce their non-compete clause, Barrie, ON, 1999 (Justice Paul Herminston, Barrie), favourable outcome,
  • 5 day civil trial, (Justice Katherine Swinton, Toronto,  May 1999) and lost $134,000 unfavourable outcome,
  • unpaid policy analyst for Mr. Tony Martin, NDP MPP, Sault Ste. Marie, ON 1998 to 2001 (provincial, federal politician),
  • expert witness at public hearing which lead to Ontario’s first franchise law, Toronto, ON (Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000),
  • created the Information Sharing Project and submitted unsuccessful project proposal to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Affairs in 2003 (digital teaching, due diligence and business risk assessment tool; embryonic form of,
  • identified and wrote a paper on Predatory Franchise Lending to Industry Canada, 2005 (18 month investigation: bank, consultant, franchisor, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Minister of Finance, RCMP Commercial Crime Unit, OBSI, FCAC, PMO, etc.),
  • case preparation for a +$6-million civil law suit based on predatory lending principles (2005, Oudovikine),
  • media contributor, 1997 – present,
  • contributed to the Prince Edward Island, Ontario, West and South Australian franchise inquires,
  • Blue MauMau contributor: 459 posts (since Oct 2007),
  • founded and editor of weblog: 1,177 posts, 246,629 views & 645 comments (since Feb 2008, Accessed April 14, 2017),
  • founded and co-editor of a no-charge wiki that assigns corporate and personal reputations more accurately and durably via indexed already-published articles and documents: 208,821 unique visitors, 331,676 visitors, 1,283,386 pages, 2,229,354 hits and 65.8 GB bandwith (since , same),
  • endorsed Bill 102, An Act to amend the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), September 23, 2010,  Legislative Assembly of Ontario (start @ 1440),
  • Knight of the Year, Barrie Council 1626 (est. 1912), Knights of Columbus, 2010,
  • attended the International Association of Franchisees and Dealers annual conference, Indianapolis, 2010,
  • attended Ontario Bar Association annual Franchise Law Conference (2009 and 2010),
  • 100th Anniversary Committee, Activity Director, Barrie Council 1626, Knights of Columbus, 2012,
  • leadership training and support to independent franchisee associations (members, boards and executives),
  • team member: management consulting team specializing in mom-and-pop business format franchising,
  • pre-trial development of large-scale group and class action legal actions,
  • candidate for Deputy Mayor, Springwater Township municipal election, 2014, Ontario, unsuccessful,
  • independent franchisee association: leadership development, creation, training, pre-trial case legal case development (National Bread Network: Maple Leaf Foods/Canada Bread 1,000 CDN Dempster’s franchisees, leader’s blog, case preparation for a +$300-million class action law suit based on good faith, right to associate and mental distress ($50,000 award for one franchisee, 2008-2012),
  • founded Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition (About, Media coverage): community group successful in helping rescue a 477 acre (192 ha.) provincial park, significant head waters to RAMSAR wetland and world’s longest freshwater beach,
  • founded and editor of 523 posts, 477,609 views & 139 comments (since Oct 2012, Accessed April 14, 2017), and
  • LinkedIn

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