Tyranny is a by-product of cowardice

December 5, 2009

Well-dressed torturers are not just in developing nations.

Lots of people feel they have no choice but to do their “duty” or be replaced. They don’t like intimidation per se but, hey, Everybody’s got to make a living, right?

This is an interesting article where a former prisoner mentions:

…the men who arrested him were “handsome. In nice suits, with ties.” As one cuffed his hands behind his back, “I could hear the sound of his heart pounding, he was so afraid.”

This trauma counseller at the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, Ph.D.  and author of Torture in the Age of Fear has this to say:

No matter what he worked at for money, he always knew that…he could maintain his sense of pride and self through giving comfort to others. “Extending your humanity to others, you realize your own humanity in this way.”

Do franchisees that betray the other actually think they will escape future consequences?

They may fail to appreciate the sign.

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