Franchising creates and enforces a caste system

February 11, 2011

Franchisor opportunism can be both very rare and effective in enforcing obedience.

Obedience is enforced by controlling intra-species and inter-franchisee communication and contact.

Annual meetings, bulk emails, newsletters, site visits and faux franchisee-friendly social sites get the lesson out:

stay in your place or suffer the consequences.

The means may change but the objective stays the same.

[What was Jim Crow?, Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia]

How sincere is a Franchisor who says he’s just like you?

December 2, 2009

Hallelujah, Jimmy.

Praise be to God.

Now let me review this new-found religious friend:

A franchisor spends 5 years directing a publicly-traded, near-monopoly system which openly ignores, abuses and, ultimately, lifts $20,000 directly, this year, from each franchisees’ family business annually.

With more to come in 2010.

  1. He foists the idea that their business is worth 25% less than it did last year.
  2. His underlings appropriate without compensation (overnight with zero warning or chance to remedy) 100% of some terminated franchisees’ life savings because of some phoney-baloney return policy BS violation while waiting 4 months after the alleged offence happening?
  3. His team continues the farce of participation in a lapdog council without answering  a single reasonably phrased franchisee question, for years (“Park this” takes on a new, fairly soprano meaning).
  4. He threatens termination, cuts an IndFA leader’s sales by 15% (we had no choice), refuses to deal with a lawful association, tries to bait a franchisee litigation response, etc.
  5. Leads an outfit so bankrupt of ideas that they even stoop to abscond with the franchisees’ “balanced life” model and
  6. Withholds any fairness $ return simply to not give credit to the franchisee group (table scraps to the help).

And we won’t even mention the link between overweening corporate arrogance and  a series of public health catastrophes.

First Week of Advent: He shows up at a dock,  taking home to his family $5,000 more a day than the franchisees who are obliged to attend these Wal-Martian meetings, and he thinks he can spin himself as “one of the guys”?


Just a normal, crotch scratchin’, cussin’, Buds lovin’,  good ole MBA executive

Funny how a dominant, powerful franchisee association brings the sinners on home to Jesus.

What, exactly, did your teammate mean when he said:

“The natives are Restless?

Were the franchisees or the First Nations that were the lower caste?

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