1.7 million Brothers can’t be wrong: Unsafe at any Brand

February 1, 2009

For 32 years I have been carrying around this type of card in my wallet.


Another 1.7-million Catholic men are doing exactly the same thing,  at this very moment in several countries. We call each other Brothers.

They like me are Knights of Columbus. We are men who choose to live their lives in support of these principles:

  1. patriotism,
  2. charity,
  3. unity and
  4. fraternity.

We are not only a service club or some goofy society with a secret handshake. We do not forget what happened when we rode the goat. There is nothing to be concerned about from even the least of our Brothers: unless you’re wanting to harm someone.

You may not know me directly, but I imagine everyone reading this post, knows someone like me.

Let them know from me that they shouldn’t let anyone buy a franchise. I will explain in detail to them but You’d grab some stranger if they were about to step in front of bus, wouldn’t you?

I was a Columbian Squire for four years before becoming a Knight.

Columbianism started with a young priest wanting to help Irish widows.


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