Nosestretcher alert, Barfblog and Maple Leaf Foods

January 23, 2011

BarfBlog: safe food from farm to fork is worth watching, as I have said before.

In Friday’s post, Nosestretcher alert: food safety is not simple, even if a $5 billion corporation says it is, Professor Doug Powell makes the following point about a key player in the Canadian grocery industry:

Memo to Michael McCain, CEO, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.:

You or your company, or both, really suck at this communication about food safety risk thing.

In the two years since your killer deli meats actually killed 23 Canadians with listeria and sickened another 50 o so, the best you can do is remind Canadians they should do more?

Prof. Powell, a transplanted Canadian microbiologist (and part-time goalie), goes on:

But if you really want to regain the trust of Canadians, like my parents, who were in Kansas the other day, and my father who said he’d never buy Maple Leaf again, here’s what you can actually do:

  • make listeria test results in Maple Leaf plants public;
  • add warning labels on deli meats for at-risk populations, like pregnant women and all those old people that unnecessarily died; and,
  • market Maple Leaf’s food safety efforts at retail so consumers can actually choose.

Trust, honesty and information sharing:  Critical for consumers and franchise investors.

Barfblog: Good reading for everyone that eats

January 15, 2010

Also, Barfblog should be required reading for those involved with the restaurant or food franchising sectors.

Dr. Doug Powell, CV and his friends at Kansas State University provide an entertaining and extremely usefuld service as they comment on various food safety issues.

His Yuck factor category is great fun.

Powell must be good: he’s a transplanted Canadian and I saw on The Dr. Oz Show!!

Today’s tip: make sure you use a digital thermometer and cook chicken to an internal temperature of at least 165 (F).

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