Every day you do nothing about your own entrapment, adds 1.5 days of despair for your children.

July 20, 2012

You’re teaching them that their father’s human rights are bought-and-paid-for by others.

The only worthwhile effort is one without any hope of immediate success.

Every child, instinctively,  understands and is energized by this truth. By choosing life rather than death (Eros and Thanatos).

Authority grinds that truth out of you as you were socialized.

Mr. Fish on Truthdig

Eros and Thanatos: franchisees get beaten up so they’ll go asleep

November 17, 2010

Franchisors hypnotize those that only see value in security and ambition.

Franchisors destroy all meaningful relationships as a way of having you retreat into a form of death. They make you go numb  and unable to help or trust yourself.

You are being deceived gradually into choosing death rather than life.

One nap at a time.

Life and Death Drives

Freud believed that humans were driven by two conflicting central desires: the life drive (Eros: survival, propagation, hunger, thirst, and sex) and the death drive (Thanatos).

Freud’s description of Cathexis, whose energy is known as libido, included all creative, life-producing drives. The death drive (or death instinct), whose energy is known as anticathexis, represented an urge inherent in all living things to return to a state of calm: in other words, an inorganic or dead state. Source

Eros (life, creation) v. Thanatos (life taking, death)

Painting: Hypnos, Greek god of sleep, and his brother, Thanatos, god of death, as painted by John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

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