The greatest Lies are told in Silence

March 9, 2010

Himmler at Dachau

Every organization is only as healthy as its secrets.

Below: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler’s speech to the SS officers responsible for carrying out the wholesale extermination of the European Jews. Delivered in Poznan, Poland on October 4, 1943.

The text of the speech scrolls in both the original German and its English Translation.


Advance fee Scams: Money upfront for Nothing

September 15, 2008

Franchising is like an Advance fee scam but with benefits.

  • Most new franchise offerings take not only what you put on the table, now, but your labour, your future earnings and much more cash than you ever dreamed of putting in.
  • And not only yours. Mom and pop scammers are happy to take your spouse’s and family’s money too.

A good little bit by Jack Payne over at Con Man’s Blog that defines an advance fee scam.

Simply put, advance fee scams are when:

…the victim pays his hard-earned money to con men in anticipation of receiving a product or service of greater value–such as a contract, loan, investment, or gift. Then in a big majority of cases, receives nothing in return.

The problem with these scams is that they are usually totally legal:

To get his advance fee returned to him, the burden of proof falls on himself (the victim), who must prove that no meaningful services were performed, or product delivered, on his behalf, or for his benefit, by the con man. This is frequently a difficult undertaking. Finder’s, keepers. Losers, sleepers.

There are lots of legitimate businesses that require a down payment and it is very difficult at times to filter out the scammers.

And, as is often the case, the important points come out in the comments:

Warren M said…That burden of proof thing is a killer. The victim starts out behind the eight ball.

The money is gone. For good.

  • Taking legal action only enables the franchise bar  who acts as Big Franchising‘s Waffen-SS: they will kill you economically with the lawsuits.


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