In Gord We Trust

February 23, 2011

Sid the Kid, Gordo and Hockey Night in Canada.

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1:39 of bliss

Retrace, Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles

High as an elephant’s eye*
Before we even left
And when the party had died
And as we drank the rest
I retrace my steps

Snowy basketball court
Cross the cold courthouse steps
Hanging on every word
Hearing everything you say as
I retrace my steps

I retrace my steps, I wear a lonely path
I retrace my steps and back

Woke up this afternoon
A pale sun in the west
I haven’t left my room
I haven’t taken a step
As I retrace my steps

I retrace my steps until no trace remains
And I’ll retrace my steps again

I’ll retrace my steps
Though I know we’re all saying ‘Goodbye’
You know, I’ll retrace my steps again, tonight

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