House slaves in Franchising

November 19, 2008

The term “House Slave” is being used lately. It is a term I was unfamiliar with until I watched Malcolm X define it on this animated video.

There were two types of negroes: House and Field.

House: The house slaves lived in the master’s attic or basement, ate what the master ate, wore decent clothes, spoke correctly and loved the master more than the master loved himself. The house negro defended his master’s property, even more than the master did.

Field: The field negroes lived in shacks, ate the worst food and wore rags. They hated their master because of his cruelty. They wished his master only the worst.

I have known many franchisees who I would classify as House Negroes.

  • House franchisees are willing to continually degrade and betray their peers in order to ensure their favoured position.
  • I have only contempt for anyone so weak.

Maybe that’s why field franchisees like me never receive many Christmas cards.

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