Pegi & Neil musta caught crazy from their horses

October 31, 2008

Economics is a dismal science.

If homo economicus is substantially accurate, Neil Percival Young and his wife Peggy are illogical, irrational and probably insane. Their behavior cannot be explained by overly simplistic disciples of the Chicago school of economics.

The couple decided yesterday to cancel a Los Angeles concert because they wouldn’t cross a picket line:

The 62-year-old rocker-activist says he was told a local faction of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union planned to picket the show.

Young and his wife are honorary lifetime members of the union, which is striking against The Forum’s owner, Faithful Central Bible Church, because of contract disputes.

Shakey goes onto say he is…:

“…extremely disappointed to have to choose between satisfying my fans or backing my brothers and sisters of the IATSE.” Associated Press

Altruism, brotherhood, fraternity, charity, self-sacrifice are terms that simply do not fit within the classic economic models. They don’t fit within the model. [Drowning your first-born does, however.]

  • My experience is that the Young’s behavior is the rule and not the exception.
  • People make decisions that are predictably irrational.

And thank God for that.

Only fools (on a knee-jerk basis) knock any collective action such as unions or independent franchisee associations.

You’re only putting your head on the block, ya unthinking bozos.

  • I’ll burn my card, right after the franchise bar secedes from their union.

On the Prairie Wind DVD, Young said Ian Tyson’s Four Strong Winds is his all-time favourite song. The Live 8 show was in my home town and was his second public show since brain surgery in March 2005.

  • He showed up at the local Barrie dance club called The Roxx, the night before the Live 8 broadcast. [see the currently featured Jell-O wrestling].

Everybody’s got a cross.

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