Therese Evans, terminated Oz franchisee dies of suspected heart attack at 48

August 16, 2010

The traditional franchisor defense is an economic war of attrition.

It almost always works especially and the violence is usually borne (1) disproportionally and (2) by women.

Therese Evans was a six-year, two-unit newly terminated Wendy’s Supa Sundae franchisee. She leaves two boys (Josh and Luke) and husband Danny with a franchisor debt she claimed was only $7,000.

Please see your doctor regularly, especially when you get into a dispute.


1. Sundae, bloody sundae
Wendy’s franchisees are asking whether the ice-cream chain’s business model is built to fail, writes Stuart Washington.
August 10, 2010

2. Sad end: Wendy’s franchisee dies after detailing dispute

WHEN Therese Evans spoke to BusinessDay last Thursday she sounded upbeat and determined to continue her fight against Wendy’s, which had locked her out of her shop for a debt she put at $7000.

On Saturday morning Mrs Evans, 48, died of a suspected heart attack at her home in Singleton.

August 16th

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