Franchising as a man-made vortex

October 30, 2008

By studying the pattern of the effects of this huge vortex of energy in which we are involved, it may be possible to program a strategy of evasion and survival.

Out of maelstrom of your ingenuity. It was easy wealth; got at a terrible risk. The evening seas swallowed my brother. With all hope lost… I abandoned my doomed ship. Thus did I free myself from oblivion.

My rescuers were old mates of mine. And yet they would not believe that my experience had been real.

I’ve told my story many times since and no one has ever believed me. Now I have told it to you. But I do not expect you will show any more faith.


Surviving a franchise Hell

August 19, 2008

Navigating a personal crisis of any origin is a trick. Some people have told me that a franchise failure is like having 3 divorces at once.

From my experience, they underestimate the personal trauma that can occur.

I offered these ideas over at Blue MauMau today.

They were of use to me.

Everyone does these steps. You do the interior work voluntarily [help of family and friends ] or you deny it [alone]. Your choice, sport.

Pain is inevitable but most suffering is optional.

  1. Your worth and the business’s value are different. Franchising is a mask that can eat your face.
  2. The “successful”, older independent businesspeople you see have a surprisingly similar history. If you ask them politely, they will tell you their story. [“Sometimes franchising is great and sometimes it’s not so great. Do you know anyone where it kind of wasn’t so good?“] Listen.
  3. If you know someone else going through hell, call them. It helps.
  4. A business reversal should be recognized as if it were a death of a close relative because it is very easy to confuse fear and grief. Have a party! Get drunk. Wake your franchise for 3 days. Look around: Act.
  5. Recognize that the fate of your rented business was 90% pre-ordained [many ees have operated airplane systems made of stone].
  6. Yes you were naive. Yes the “other” deceived you. Yes wolves sometimes look like lambs. Animals fight but only when cornered but you have many alternatives and a rational brain. Use it.
  7. Now is the time to use your wits and learn as much as you can. You were in a type of sleepwalking [numbness] when you drank the kool-aid. Wake up. Some breakthroughs present as breadowns.
  8. There are several useful guides out of this mess. This is the job of “literature”. One narrative I used is called A Descent into the Maelstrom.

Those who drew me on board were my old mates and dally companions — but they knew me no more than they would have known a traveller from the spirit-land. My hair, which had been raven-black the day before, was as white as you see it now. They say too that the whole expression of my countenance had changed. I told them my story — they did not believe it. I now tell it to you — and I can scarcely expect you to put more faith in it than did the merry fishermen of Lofoden. Edgar Allan Poe, Wikipedia summary, via Marshall and the National Film Board of Canada

Huh? Ask an older male relative or most women to explain it to you.

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