Partners in Franchising: Families protecting families

March 16, 2009

cwlFranchises are very often family businesses.

Franchisees have never been alone in evaluating, operating or problem solving a franchised business. The greatest abuses are heaped on family businesspeople.

Legally, they are on the hook for 50% of the results anyway.

It seems to me that they need to be equal partners in decision making, too.

It has been my experience that franchisors are incapable of dealing with partners: They simply freeze, unable to deal with a strong, family-centred person. Men are easy to con and weave dreams. Women are much more grounded.

The most powerful relationship experts and discerning individuals, are women.

With  a minor amount of education (see they are much, much more able to screen the BS than any man. Men smart, Woman much much smarter.

Partners are also excellent caregivers and God knows some franchise families need a little TLC and someone to talk to. We all know of people that have suffered too much.

I am interested in starting this discussion (and rapidly getting the hell out of the way) of the most powerful group in franchising (period):

Partners in Franchising

Let John or I know what you think. We need strong leaders coordinating communication and political action in every North American city by the end of the year. Australia too.

I think there should be way more baby carriages on national capitals or in Senator’s offices.

Think about it: Think about a franchise version of the CWL.

  • But with a dislike for bullies.

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