Franchisees react by fight/flight, then giving up

November 26, 2009

Fear is the dominant emotion for current franchisees.

Fear of:

  • financial failure,
  • loss of identity,
  • loneliness,
  • extinction,
  • self-worth.

Franchisors are masters at providing the appropriate stimuli to trigger these biochemical responses.

This article is a good start to understanding how others gain control over you even when you rationally know what buttons they are pushing.

When franchisees are repeatedly exposed to the same stimuli, they enter a stage described as numbing by Robert Jay Lifton.

…in trying to understand what Hiroshima survivors were describing to me. They would say such things as, “the bomb fell” — or they would describe the experience they had: “I saw this array of dead and dying people around me. And I saw everything, but suddenly I simply ceased to feel anything.” Some used the metaphor of a photographic plate that was overexposed. It was as though the mind was shut off. And I came to call that psychic numbing.

The solution is to talk it out in a supportive environment.

Eugenics: False Biology in the service of the State

November 25, 2008

naziidealfamily1These are the idealized citizens that were shown on the cover of “New People” in 1938 in Germany.

These pure nordic types were an important part of the nazi’s biomedical vision and 1,000 reich.

There were 5 identifiable steps by which the Nazi party and the medical establishment carried out the principles of “life unworthy of life” (lebensunwertes Leben):

  1. coerced sterilizations,
  2. killing of “impaired” children in hospitals,
  3. killing of “impaired” adults, mostly from mental hospitals,
  4. “impaired” in concentration camps killed and
  5. mass medical killings.

The Fuhrer hold the cleansing of the medical profession far more important than, for example, that of the bureaucracy, since in his opinion he duty of the physician is or should be one of racial leadership – Martin Bormann

Under the heading First Steps: Policies and the Courts, Robert Jay Lifton in The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, states:

Only in Nazi Germany was sterilization a forerunner of mass murder. Programs of coercive sterilization were not peculiar to Nazi Germany. They have existed in much of the Western world, including the United States, which has a history of coercive and sometimes illegal sterilization applied mostly to the underclass of society…by 1920, to the enactment of laws in 25 states providing for compulsory sterilization of the criminally insane and other people considered genetically inferior.

Professor Lifton defines genetics as a legitimate scientific field of study which was in its infancy in the 1930s. Eugenics is ” term coined by Francis Galton in 1883 to denote the principle of strengthening a biological groupon the basis of ostensible hereditary worth”. Despite its evolutionary claims and later reference to genetic laws, eugenics has no scientific standing.

lebensunwertes Leben: A Life Unworthy of Life

August 21, 2008

Medical doctors understand the way a human body functions. The Hippocratic Oath compels them to “do no harm” to their patient.

A white lab coat is worn by someone who would help you: Would heal you.

It was always a doctor who did the selection once the train arrived [“left” or “right”, lab coat over their black uniform].

Kanada 1 and 2 were where the valuables were taken more easily and warehoused. The Poles considered Canada the the land of great freedom and promise.

I have seen a recurring pattern with the 100s of franchisees I have met.

  • In a clever “judo throw” of reality, franchisees’ past strengths are used to create their future disaster.

Here is how it works:
1. Most people believe if they work hard, are careful and defer gratification for the future, their family is going to prosper or at least be okay.

2. People believe that life is generally fair (ie. people get what they deserve: both good or ill). They trust. (Which just happens to be the foundation of all of western society progress, btw).

3. A cleverly created but misplaced patina of success (ie. successful for everyone but the investor) that surrounds all franchises is used to numb the potential investor’s critical thinking abilities long enough to get a signature.

4. Franchising is a sophisticated machine which has some unusual design features. Its function is to vacuum life savings for its owners and supporters (sucks but does not blow $, as it were). The individual brands may be owned by franchisors but the modern engineers are the franchise bar.

5. Once the cash is gone, what pretense can be used to explain the ash that falls like snow?

6. Via the skillful use of propaganda (words in the service of self-interest not truth) you are managed (ie. numbed, isolated, shamed, silenced).

That is where The Gospel according to Killer Due Diligence comes in: It not only “blames the victim” but it goes farther: It extend the SS’s (Schutzstaffel) Cult of Hardness.

The Jews were considered lebensunwertes Leben. Physicians became the Volk’s biological soldiers, readily agreeing to remove the dead weight these genetic deficients; this non-people who had a life unworthy of life“.
The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, Robert Jay Lifton

In a similar way, franchisees are sometimes considered ballastexistenzen [human ballast]

  • cheap labour and a source of wealth,
  • mentally and/or intellectually defective, subhuman, pathetic,
  • a gangrenous appendix to be cut out, and finally,
  • excrement to be disposed of as cheaply and quickly as possible.

Direct medical killing and the jealously guarded administration of Zyklon-B gas was only developed because of the psychological damage done to the Einsatzgruppen assigned to kill prisoners by firing squad.

Rudolf Höss:

I had heard of Eichmann‘s description of Jews being mown down by the Einsatkommandos armed with machine guns and machine pistols. Many gruesome scenes are said to have taken place, people running away after being shot, the finishing off of the wounded and particularly of the women and children.

Many members of the Einsatzkommandos, unable to endure wading through blood any longer, had committed suicide. Some had even gone mad. Most of the members of these Kommandos had to rely on alcohol when carrying out their horrible work. p. 159

The peak killing rate at Auschwitz-Birkenau was 20,000 within a 24 hour period.

Economic Application: I have heard this same form of argument used in franchising. You say and actually believe that taking someone life savings is a noble act.

REASONING: In this world, some people have life savings that they don’t really don’t deserve. They have inherited it or it’s simply fallen into their lap. The test is if you can take it from them, they are not using it properly. They are inefficient stewards of wealth in a national, cut-throat economic war against [fill in the blank false enemy du jour: huns, commies, Japan, terror, etc.]

  • The liberator/thief sees himself as: a teacher [hard lessons to be learned, yes, but being fraud-proofed is a valuable set of skills]; a public benefactor [economic soldiers, in an inverted Robin Hood scenario] a visionary stormtrooper in an extreme ideology where even the word “liberal” is ridiculed as being the same as being soft, stupid: a loser.
  • Ayn Rand, libertarianism and militant individualism can be interpreted to help asway the professionals’ cognitive dissonance [wading through blood] as did the medicalizing of mass killings relieve the Einsatzgruppen of their psychological trauma of the biologically inferior human ballast in WWII.
  • The modern franchise elite do this by re-allocating wealth form small to large investors. The franchisors take the public vilification while the franchise bar tries not so successfully to wash their hands.
  • They are improving our economy by doing the what the doctors did in Nazi Germany: instead of being biological soldiers in the service of the Third Reich [accelerating the inevitable genetic purification of a bastardization of Darwin’s natural selection theories via eugenics], the liberators/thieves, crusaders in a holy war to liberate capitalism.
  • “Don’t you know that we are in a war and the normal rules do not apply? If we are to grow, we cannot afford the inefficient investment decisions that the losers make,” the disciples of unfettered capitalism shout.
  • “Yes, some people will be harmed in creating the thousand year market empire but it will be worth it. The individual must become hardened and accept their role. Everyone has their role to play their place to bask in the glory of the radiant new empire.”
  • “Trust us…We will take care of you.” See Justified Theft: A Life unworthy of Dignity.

BTW: Dr. Unbloody, “Beppo”, Josef Mengele, 2 PhDs, 1935

Can a great Thief be a Great Teacher?

July 20, 2008

Everyone is born into a dependent relationship with their family and care givers. Our life’s arc should be a journey from dependence to independence.

Many people, however, never realize their potential.

Along the path, we are sent instructors who provide us with information but more importantly experiences that help us and are pleasurable. We see these lessons and people as “good”.

However, some teachers come in disguise and deliver their lessons with a rod. They awaken us from our mental sleep with a sharp rap on the hands. We recoil from the pain and interpret these lessons as “bad”.

We are free to listen or ignore any guide along the way.

Illusion of Duality: We see the world in black or white with very little in between. We look outside ourselves for nourishment, validation and revenge. Much like the group mentality of a sand box.

Facts: We got hooked up in a franchise swindle. It’ll probably cost us our life savings, some grief and creditworthiness.

Lesson: How will I respond to this unintentional situation?

  1. Am I looking outside myself, to avenge this insult? Is this 100% “bad” or
  2. Will I use this experience and turn inward to find out my personal characteristics that put me in such a vulnerable position?

Before you make this fundamental decision [Can I visualize my Thief as my teacher?], I would suggest you look around and write out all the good things in your life.

  • Like: a loving spouse, supportive family, good physical health, sense of humour, etc. [Money is money is money. Some other losses are much, much more important.]

Personally, I think it is wise to treat Big Franchising as Frodo treated Sméagol rather than how Sam wanted to. Their role is not complete.

Two unrelated quotes [aphorisms: distilled wisdom]:

He who fights monsters should look into it that he himself does not become a monster. When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you. Friedrich Nietzsche

No individual self is inherently evil, murderous, or genocidal. Yet under certain conditions virtually any self is capable of becoming all of these things. Robert Jay Lifton

Stewart clan motto: virescit vulnere virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound) [see crested cormorant above]

Definitions and Models: Very important

cormorant n. 1. Any of several large, widely distributed marine diving birds of the genus Phalacrocorax, having dark plumage, webbed feet, a slender hooked bill, and a distensible pouch. 2. A greedy, rapacious person.

Folklore: A story about the cormorant relates that he was once a merchant, whose partners were the bramble and the bat. They chartered a ship and loaded her with wool, but the ship sank and they lost all their money. Ever since, the bat has flown by night in order to avoid the creditors, the cormorant has dived into the sea to look for the wreck and the bramble has caught all the passing sheep it can, to make up for the lost wool.

Mythology: Chained cormorants occur frequently in Celtic myth as aquatic guides to the underworld, which was often accessible via wells, lakes, rivers and the sea. [Magickal Bird – The Cormorant]

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