So you want to Sue someone, do you?

July 25, 2008

Before you rush to sign up, buy this movie. And then buy the book. A Civil Action is perhaps the most accurate portrayal of civil litigation. Ever.

You’ll have to do what you can do but it has many excellent lessons. Understanding the economics of a lawsuit drives the outcome much more than the facts.

  • Out of the pan and into the fire…

A good article from The New Zealand Herald about the building feeding frenzy to assign Blue Chip legal responsibility. It appears the range and numbers of professionals potentially liable is growing.

Maria Slade reports:

Grimshaw & Co is joining a growing bandwagon of lawyers and burnt investors seeking to make professionals liable over the advice they gave.

A range of professionals are in the lawyers’ sights, from financial advisers and solicitors, to valuers, auditors and corporate trustees.


North Shore lawyer Andrew Hooker has reviewed the cases of around 160 investors who have lost money in finance companies, and believes at least half of them have grounds for taking action against their financial advisers.

“The scale of advice would go from sound to slightly questionable, to absolutely disgraceful. And there are a significant amount of people in my view at the absolutely disgraceful end.”

Many were put into the same six finance companies – Bridgecorp, Capital + Merchant, OPI Pacific Finance, MFS Boston, St Laurence and Property Finance.

Pay careful attention to Robert Duvall and Sidney Pollack roles in the movie.

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