Vendmax & Your Candy Company: Coming to a City near You

February 11, 2009

vendmaxbigIn a previous posting today, I drew everyone’s attention to an ad that appeared in today’s Toronto Star.

It identified itself as Sip-N-Snack and claimed three things:

  1. Attracts Customers Like a Powerful Magnet!
  2. Now Launching in the GTA!
  3. Takes only one day a month
  4. Over $75,000 Annual Potential
  5. Including Locations from $16, 995! and
  6. Free Brochure 1-866-622-8722

Now click to this Vancouver Sun/The Province newspaper .pdf. Look at bottom left corner advertisement. Notice anything similar in this October 22, 2003 ad?

This ad identifies itself as Vendamax and Your Candy Company:

  1. Attracts Customers Like a Powerful Magnet! [same]
  2. Coming to Vancouver & Vicinity, [new city]
  3. Less than 2 hours per week (1 day per month?), [same]
  4. $40,000 Annual Potential [$75k in 2009]
  5. Locations included…$14,995 to get started, and [$16, 995, locations included]
  6. Free Brochure 1-866-622-8722 [same offer and telephone number]

I wonder how the investors in British Columbia made out with Vendmax and Your Candy Company? I wonder why a successful franchisor like this would want to change their company (specifically not mentioning the Vendmax name) but not bother changing the marketing?

Vendmax’s website: lists Tom Semeniuk as president, Barry Sobovitch, and Buffy Babb. Notice the heavy reliance on the Better Business Bureau. Fastest growing.

NOTE: An ad wanting to sell 5o machines for $100 each.

Your Candy Company: seems to have a South African connection, FAQs.

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