Many internal system documents are material facts to future investors

January 10, 2011

It’s is quickly being recognized to be illegal NOT to leak them in Canada.

Click image for some action.

Each of Canada’s 76,000 franchisees with +1 year experience have received emails and documents from their franchisor that should be on the internet in a properly indexed manner.

WikiLeaks and franchising:

  1. Collect all the “juicy” ones.
  2. Create your own personal franchisee wiki.
  3. Mirror on a capability.
  4. Achieve the best defense against an offensive franchisor.

Call for details.

[Nerd in Love]

Tupperware, Les Stewart, CAFO and freedoms, 1

January 6, 2011

Franchise freedom of speech and association in Canada, circa 2004.

Two pages of a Record of Motion filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice by Michael Shell and Drazen Bulat on behalf of their client, Tupperware Canada Inc. on September 23, 2004.

– and-I voluntarily closed down the “TupperWars” section of CAFO‘s website in response to this challenge (see context). This happened days after we (for the first time) sent out a series of emails to U.S. franchisees/distributors.

We received zero requests to stop the emails from franchise investors.

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