Franchisee groups: It’s all about trust

NeuronA neuron is an excitable cell in the nervous system that processes and transmits information by electrochemical signalling. Neurons are the core components of the brain, the vertebrate spinal cord, the invertebrate ventral nerve cord, and the peripheral nerves. Wikipedia

Neurons can only fire when they exist in an environment that allows to fire appropriately. They can adapt and process information on a much more de-centralized manner than once thought.

In groups of franchisees, the usual missing element is trust. People need to trust others appropriately and start to trust themselves again.

  • Trust is rebuilt through interchange: both person-to-person or virtually.

Spouses are often a very useful guide to bringing the wayward back but there are 1,001 ways for it to be started and strengthened.

Anonymity is an important principle to always protect.

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