Why won’t Tim Hortons franchisees talk to the media?

January 31, 2015

Franchisees behave as if they were prey creatures. Under extreme stress (in the clutches of a predator) they “freeze”.

Gazelle single

The “lifers” have learned to become hyper-sensitive to danger. They cope in the one way they can: keep their mouth shut, especially to outsiders.

Franchisee Trauma is the Franchisors Stock-in-Trade: Only franchisees and their spouses know the pain of the abuse (violence in word form) that their franchisors have doled out over the years. Name-calling, intimidation, vulgarity, threats, shame-humiliation: intentionally done in front of your peers and staff. Opportunistic behavior designed to demonstrate who is “it” and who is siht. That you have lost control of your life. That you are the weak; that you are worthless. Impotent.

But most of all: alone and dependent.

Mammals has evolved over millions of years to survive in only 3 ways: fight, flight or freeze.

Tim Hortons franchisees cannot talk for many explainable reasons:

  • experts in trauma psychology know that voicelessness is very closely aligned to powerlessness.


Franchisee emancipation: It’s a matter of when and who has control of it, not if

July 2, 2012

Millions $ are wasted in franchising because of franchisees’ passive resistance to even very good, mutually profitable franchisor-led inititiatives.

If franchisees perceive themselves to be indentured into a form of slavery, Who is their Lincoln?

What then did you expect when you unbound the gag that muted those black mouths? That they would chant your praises? Did you think that when those heads that our fathers had forcibly bowed down to the ground were raised again, you would find adoration in their eyes?

Jean-Paul Sartre 1905 – 1980

You’re a kid again once the lizard brain takes over

April 20, 2011

Under pressure, you recognize the bully’s voice.

And time melts away.

[click it, cOnfus3 m3]

In Gord We Trust

February 23, 2011

Sid the Kid, Gordo and Hockey Night in Canada.

[Click through.]

1:39 of bliss

Retrace, Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles

High as an elephant’s eye*
Before we even left
And when the party had died
And as we drank the rest
I retrace my steps

Snowy basketball court
Cross the cold courthouse steps
Hanging on every word
Hearing everything you say as
I retrace my steps

I retrace my steps, I wear a lonely path
I retrace my steps and back

Woke up this afternoon
A pale sun in the west
I haven’t left my room
I haven’t taken a step
As I retrace my steps

I retrace my steps until no trace remains
And I’ll retrace my steps again

I’ll retrace my steps
Though I know we’re all saying ‘Goodbye’
You know, I’ll retrace my steps again, tonight

Why not just light up a franchise when you’re unemployed?

February 16, 2011

It’ll ease your nerves initially.Go ahead and take the salesperson’s advice: Choose the heaviest promoted, most “successful” brand you can find.

Smoke 6 packs of Camels and find out why they are the LARGEST SELLING CIGARETTES IN AMERICA.

I wonder if Charley or Rosemary died of tobacco-related causes?

[circa 1939: Jumping  Frog]

Franchisees are mentally lazy

February 10, 2011

Just like 99% of everyone else.

Add unemployment, and franchises become almost irresistible.

The lies don’t have to lead you too far when your young children and 1st mortgage are screaming in ears.

[Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Tier 2 attorneys and franchisors are the most fearful people I know

February 5, 2011

They rule by fear because that is the only language they know.

Talking sense to them?

As useful as force-feeding a corpse.

[Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Franchisee venom regenerates in toxicity and volume at an exponential rate

January 30, 2011

Hence, the Blue MauMau IPO‘s NPV is less-than zero for related attorneys.

When the misrepresentation sausage explodes, so does their lawyering careers. Same as Advisory Councils, attorney-captured franchisee associations, franchisor social media monitoring…I could go on and on.

Past attempts to ghettoize a dehumanized, visible minority have failed in the end (ie. Venetian ghetto).

[the New Shelton ‘wet/dry]

Franchisees need to appreciate the good things in their lives

January 22, 2011

Why not spend a month in India?Click the image.

Yes things can be difficult but seriously…


Your spouse’s aim is true

January 22, 2011

Franchisees need family unity when the clan meeting is called.

Click the image.

They’re so much more emotionally intelligent.

We need their strength, humour, and grace, boys.


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